Fright Tags # 3 Key Tag - Neibolt Street House - IT

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29 Neibolt Street, a run-down, abandoned house near the Derry trainyard, is Pennywise the Dancing Clown's lair.

Built directly on top of the original Derry Well House, the vast labryinth of sewer pipes running under the city gives the many forms of Pennywise unbridled access to every home, business, and drain every 27 years. Try your very best to hide, it won't work!

Welcome to Derry, you'll float too...

Rear Message: YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!


Each retail pack comes complete with a limited edition collector's trading card, that explains a little bit about your key tag, as well as a print for you to share or display. Once they change to a different scene, they will not be produced again.

Collect 'Em All.


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