Fright Pads # 15: Cecil Hotel Notepad

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Fright Pads (2020). Cecil Hotel. 25 Sheet Note Pad. 

Room Notepad From Cecil "The Suicide" Hotel - One Of America's Scariest Hotels.

Since 1924, Cecil Hotel, located in Downtown Los Angeles "Skid Row", has seen an unusually large number of murders and suicides. Name changes have not been able to erase the multiple decades of horrors the hotel has borne witness to.

From "Black Dahlia", "Pigeon Goldie", Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger, and most notably the permanent home of Richard "Night Stalker" Ramirez during his murder spree in 1984-85, the Cecil Hotel will forever be known as one of America's scariest hotels. 

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Width: 4.25"

Length: 5.50"

Sheets: 25


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