Derry, Maine Key Tag (American Beechwood)

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Own a little piece of Maine with this American Beechwood Key Tag. Wood engraving through pyrography, creates this beautiful little keepsake for your keys.


When Stephen King published "Different Seasons" in 1982, one of the novellas, "The Body" mentioned Derry, Maine for the first time. When the movie "Stand By Me" was released in 1986, it coincided with the publication of "IT", whose central setting was Derry, ME for the last several hundred years.

That book, Pennywise, Insomnia, Bag of Bones and over two dozen mentions in other King novels, has created a fictional universe that is known the World over. To this day, many visitors to Bangor, continue to ask for directions to Derry. 


Length: 3.00"

Width: 1.25"

Thickness: 0.25"

Weight: 0.4 oz.

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American Beech Wood
Maine, USA

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