"Blood of Carrie" Wooden Relief Carving

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Created by Dan Hocker of Hocker Wood Works. This "Blood of Carrie" wooden relief carving, is based off the artwork used in the Cemetery Dance Publications edition of CARRIE, where Dan also works for many years now. Dan carves out the main shape from a custom-cut piece of cherry wood, and paints the entire piece bright red. After drying, the top surface is sanded down, to only leave the red paint inside the carved section. Lastly, a protective layer is applied to the entire piece, to seal the red paint, and give a protective coating for the future. 

These hand-made pieces are simply beautiful to see in person. and when they are gone, they will not be reproduced again. They can be hung on the wall or stand on display in your library.


Height: 9.5"

Width: 5.25"

Depth: 1"

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1 Review

Jun 20th 2019

Excellent wooden relief carving

This is an outstanding high quality carving with a great unique method of manufacturing, described in detail on his site. Truly an impressive hand carved piece of art, I am delighted to display this piece. I am hoping more Stephen King-related works might be made and offered in the future.

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