Growing up, and into early-adulthood, reading was not something I was particularly fond of.  Whenever friends would talk about the classics and popular fiction, I would always contribute to the conversation from my understanding of the film, without fully appreciating the condensed version I was actually exposed to.

It would only be at my first job after college that I really started to understand the enjoyment my friends received from reading the written word.  One good friend would always have a book with her, or within five feet, at all times. They were monumental in size and I couldn’t understand how your attention could be captivated for its entirety.  It was during this time in New York City that a co-worker handed me a paperback copy of “THE STAND” by Stephen King and told me to read it.  We had never really discussed books prior, but for some reason Michael thought I would gain something from it.  It was nine months later in Virginia, that I picked it up on a Tuesday afternoon, and closed it again on Sunday evening after devouring its 1141 pages.  I would always remember 1998 as the year I discovered King.  I was hooked after that. I had become what Stephen would call his fans – “A Constant Reader”.

After that, I would visit every single bookstore in every city I visited and lived. I would purchase every King and Tolkien book I could find, in every edition: hardcover, paperbacks, Limited Editions, proofs, manuscripts, personal letters and more.  Auction houses in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong would become my list of must-see locations when in town.  It is there that I would meet and talk to like-minded bibliophiles that share a love for the hunt of elusive books. Some are Titans of Industry, whereas others are backpackers working their way around South-East Asia on a shoestring budget. A person is not defined by their bank account, it is the pure love of books that ties us all together.

For some, finding the author’s personal signed copy is their goal in life, for others it is trying to locate every foreign language edition of their favorite novel. Whatever your “Needful Thing” is, my specialty is finding it for you, no matter what corner of the globe it resides in.

If you have just started on your literary journey of discovery, or have been unable to locate a particular item for the past decade, drop me an email, phone call, visit, or an old-fashioned letter. I can help you find it.

Welcome to Gerald Winters and Son.