Weirdbook #19 (Gramma) - Stephen King

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Buffalo, NY: Weirdbook Press (1984). Weirdbook #19. Soft cover. pp. 64. First Edition

Mint Copy Of World's First Appearance Of Stephen King's "Gramma". 

Book Condition: New. Never Opened. Stored in publishers original shipping box for 33 years. 

When Stephen King's "Skeleton Crew" was published in June, 1985, it contained a little short story titled "Gramma". The first appearance of this story was actually in Spring 1984 in "Weirdbook #19". Don't you just love the #19?

Set in the Cthulhu Mythos universe, it is a story about little 11-year old George who has to spend the afternoon with his huge, cantankerous, ancient, bedridden gramma. Oh, what could go wrong?

Collectors Grade Copy.

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Weirdbook Press
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Spring 1984
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1 Review

Jan 15th 2018

Great purchase

Nice packaging, pristine condition (as described), great price. One of my favorites, only ever had it as the audio book cassette.

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