"Vote Pennywise" Sign

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Bangor, ME: Pennywise - 2016. Plastic Corrugated Sign. First Edition.

18" x 24" "Vote Pennywise" Yard Sign 

If you were fortunate enough to be driving around Bangor, Maine the week of Halloween 2016 until approximately November 4th, you would have been turning your head at every intersection, trying to spot Pennywise.

These iconic voting signs were being placed in the ground late at night, to surprise early morning motorists around the city for about a week. Many interested drivers were trying to find one quick enough to ‘extradite’ them to their homes, but most were not so lucky. Stephen King's home was even visited, but soon after they started to disappear, Mr. King did the wise thing and moved his sign behind his infamous gargoyle fencing. 

While not attributed to any particular candidate, the urban legend goes that it was created by a local artist with a great sense of humor that wanted to provide some comic relief to a very tense political election. If the legend is to be believed, said artist was not fortunate enough to keep a copy for himself, as he/she naturally assumed they would still be sticking in the ground after Election Day. That was not to be.  I will neither confirm nor deny that I myself attempted to locate one early enough for said purpose, but by November 4th, they were not to be found again.

As I wanted to see as many of these signs back in Bangor, I put ads in local papers offering a “Pennywise Amnesty” to any individual that wanted to turn in the signs for a capital injection to their wallet.  I was met with great success as many of these signs were returned to Main Street.

If you would like to display your love of all things “IT” and proudly display your political affiliation across our great nation (or your country), now you can.

Vote Pennywise. You will not regret it…

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Corrugated Sign
18" x 24"

2 Reviews

Oct 1st 2019


Is it Halloween season or is it election season? Who cares, this sign is appropriate for both! Great quality and super fast shipping!

May 9th 2017

Pennywise sign

Excellent! I have a great collection of King items both signed and unsigned. Always looking to expand my collection of King related items. Thank you and I'll be back!

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