The Plant: Part Three (First Galley) - Stephen King

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Bangor, Maine: Philtrum Press (1985). The Plant: Part Three by Stephen King. Unbound sheets. pp. 32 + 1.

Rare "First Galley" Of Part Three. Only Extant First Galley Copy Annotated by Michael Alpert (Designer).

Page Condition: Fine. 7.5" x 25". 32 pages plus extra marked-up colophon page by Designer to Stinehour Press.


The Plant” was published privately by Philtrum Press starting in November 1982 and was created as an epistolary novel –in-progress to be distributed among friends of the King family as a Christmas greeting, in lieu of a more traditional card. They were never offered for sale to the general public.

Part One was sent out in December 1982, Part Two the following year and Part Three in 1985, with “The Eyes of the Dragon” (another Philtrum Press production) substituted in 1984. While originally intended to be a longer piece, it was ended prematurely due to the fact that Steve thought it was too much like the film Little Shop of Horrors, which premiered in 1986.


For each of the three years, Michael Alpert (designer) was responsible for printing 226 copies (200 numbered and 26 lettered) that were to be signed by Steve.

In the course of completing the required copies, Stinehour Press would send Michael "Galleys" that he would mark up with corrections/changes that were necessary to meet Steve's intended vision for the project. After the Galleys were complete, Stinehour would print "Proofs" on the Italian Fabriano Ingres paper so that Michael and Steve could see how the finished book will look. When the Proofs were approved, the print run would commence.

The Galleys were the first pass on this project, and the First Galley would separate all the necessary fonts that the book utilized, with the correct line spacing. This particular Galley offered here is said First Run. The colophon page shows the necessary corrections that Michael stipulated that Stinehour incorporate on the Second Galley, including adding necessary fonts, removing the sentence that said that Michael Alpert would be hand-sewing the books in Bangor, Maine since Part Three was bound with glue, unlike Part One and Two. 

Furthermore, since neither Part One or Part Two had a spine that could accommodate the title, author and publisher information, Part Three was the first time that Michael had to choose the spacing and location of said details. He makes a note to switch the location of "The Plant" and "Stephen King".

Very rare, this is the only known First Galley copy in existence.

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