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The perfect gift for any Constant Reader, or that special one in your life. From the talented hands of illustrator Jordan Monsell, comes the Stephen King Universe, complete with 170+ character references from the spectrum of Mr. King's writing career.

CARRIE, SALEM'S LOT, IT, GREY MATTER, THE COLORADO KID, and many, many more.   If you have trouble finding every reference, there is an accompanying cheat-sheet that helps you locate them.

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1 Review

Jul 2nd 2019

Great art and designed for the Stephen King constant reader

What I found amazing about this picture was that it didn't only include art from a few of the more well known King books, but also from the less popular books as well as art from some of his amazing short stories. Worried you won't recognize what book or stories some the art is from? Never fear, the art piece also includes a reference guide to explain what stories each of the pieces of this amazing work of art come from. I'm more than happy with this purchase and I'd recommend it to any fan of the Stephen King multiverse.

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