Onan [ Vol. # 1 ] - Stephen King, et al

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Orono, Maine: The University of Maine (1971). Onan Vol. 1. edited by George MacLeod and Mary Snell. Soft cover. First edition.

Contains The First Appearance of Stephen King's "The Blue Air Compressor". Very Rare Copy.

Book Condition: Fine in New Unread Condition. Rare Contributor's Copy.

The Blue Air Compressor was first published in Stephen King's Alma Mater publication in 1971. After 46 years, and thanks to Cemetery Dance Publications and Hans-Åke Lilja (Lilja's Library), it will see the light of day in "Shining In The Dark". 

Contributors Include:

- Jim Bishop

- George D. Richards

- George Chambers

- M. Capallero

- Graham C. Adams

- Burton Hatlen

- Jean Stewart

- Theodore Enslin

- Michael Alpert

- Stephen King

- Bruce Holsapple


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Soft Cover
The University of Maine - Orono
Publication Date:
January, 1971
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