The GW VIP Program is designed to connect book lovers with rare items that would otherwise be unobtainable. When a person is trying to locate an item that is rare, their initial search usually begins with Google! After that algorithm return several million hits, they will usually go as far as Page 3 and stop. Then they will turn to eBay and finally Abebooks, which is Amazon’s  foray into the rare book industry.

The GW VIP Program will never eliminate these avenues available to book lovers because I am not trying to. What I provide is the same service that Sotheby’s and Christie’s Auction Houses provide for their Private Client Sales, I locate and market collectables to private customers that will never be on a public database. The Dark Web for rare books sort of speak

Google, eBay and Abe can only list items that people are willing to sell publicly, and for some individuals, this is not an option. For stores that boast 30,000+ books in stock, trying to find accurate descriptions, photographs that are not stock photos, or background information on a piece such as provenance, can be next to impossible. I do not claim to have these stock levels, nor will I ever. I specialize in single pieces that hold historical importance. Nurturing a relationship that connects a seller with the ‘right collector’ can usually take several months to complete a sale.

10%  or  45%

When rare items are listed with the Top 5 Auction Houses, a person bids against the room and the World in order to win an item.  This can often lead to buyers’ remorse after the sale.  A buyer will usually pay 25% on top of the Hammer Price to win an item. The Seller also pays up to 20% for their Seller Fees.  This 45% Margin Cushion is how the Auction House makes their profit. For Private Sales, the ‘Cushion’ is even higher.

I charge 10%, the same as eBay.  I firmly believe that the bulk of the profit should be realized by the owner, because it is usually a difficult decision to part with something that is so important to them to begin with. They should not be penalized financially.

To learn more, please Login to your account and complete the VIP form to either indicate what you are searching for, or have available to sell, and let me go to work for you.