Shining Appreciation Month


Here’s Johnny!”

February is “SHINING APPRECIATION MONTH”. The Gregorian Calendar’s shortest month is also historically its most violent. Your chances of being slaughtered in a hotel massacre, by a crazed axe-wielding psychopath, rises exponentially during this month.

What the old timers call ‘Cabin Fever’ it can be characterized as depression, boredom, feeling dissatisfied, irritability, or moodiness in reaction to some sort of confinement, bad weather, routine, isolation, or lack of stimulation. You can rejoice folks, February is your month to go ‘postal’.

While the U.S. Government has yet to issue an Executive Order to legalize THE PURGE, we readers can find solace in Stephen King’s “The Shining”. You can enter into Jack Torrance’s mind and find comfort running around a hotel with an axe chasing your wife and young son, or you can go down to the bar and be among your imaginary friends that will give you the pearls of wisdom that you are searching for.

Whatever ales you, Stephen King has your back. Enjoy your month, there is only 25 days left…