Carrie Musical (1988) - Rare Performance


Through the kindness of a very nice friend, I now have completed the trifecta of the infamous 1988 Broadway Musical - "Carrie".

Although according to The New York Times, "The show had received standing ovations at some previews, as well as on opening night", it was their headline of the "more-than-$7 million show...was the most expensive quick flop in Broadway history" that sealed its fate.

The 16 Previews started on April 28, 1988 and lasted until May 11. The Opening Night was May 12, 1988, and was quickly hampered by scathing reviews. Despite the fact that the theatre was sold out every night, the financial backers pulled their money out of the show and it closed abruptly on May 15, 1988. Nonetheless, the Virginia Theatre production has had a cult following of devotees ever since.

While I was fortunate to find the Preview Playbill and the original oil on hardboard panel many years ago, it was the recent discovery of the paperback tie-in novel that was a surprise.

Now the set is complete, sans the recording soundtrack, which as far as I am aware, only exists in bootleg version, with no official production release.

I hope you enjoy.